Friday Focus #1

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Changes are coming...but only for the better!

Today starts our new weekly blog appropriately titled, "Friday Focus".

What does this mean?  Well for me it means taking time once a week to clear my desk, clear my mind and focus on one beautiful piece of jewelry that I would be proud to wear and discuss.

For you it means a special up close look at a wonderful piece, filled with photos and an occasional video. We will do our utmost to go into detail on every piece we feature, from size, weight and how it was made to what outfits it could be worn with and any special care that might be needed.

This weeks Friday Focus is the 14k g/f Micro Byzantine Anklet....

Smallest ring available for this gauge was used in a Byzantine weave, making this anklet ultra smooth and supple.  This anklet has no sections or adornments and looks amazing plain, but charms may be added (yours or ours).  Beautiful yellow gold looks sensational upside a dark tanned leg, wearing basically anything that shows your ankle.  Measuring 9.75" length, 5 mm width, weighing 16 grams, secured with a trigger clasp (that baby won't go anywhere), we have one in stock and ready to ship.  Once our stock is gone,  you may pre-order others at a 3 to 5 day later shipping date.

First come, first served, now 10% off and free shipping... in stock and pre-order...just until next weeks Friday's Focus... just add coupon code focus1 at checkout.

 Also, for anyone interested, we were looking for a metal to use for our anklets, one that could withstand all the elements normal metal jewelry couldn't, so we did a stainless steel micro byzantine anklet... it wouldn't ever rust, but... the metal is really hard to work with - meaning more time involved, and for the cost of material, we decided not to make this an inventory item.  If interested however, we have a one of a kind stainless steel micro byzantine anklet in stock, a little darker in color (antique looking almost) but rust resistant!  Steel anklet measures 9.5" length and weighs 13 grams, take 10% off on it also...all micro byzantine anklets.

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