Fine Jewelry For A Time

Posted by Lisa Davis on

    Although we normally do not engage much in fine jewelry, for a short time there is such a listing on the home page.  The mark up on fine pieces can get outrageous... people buy thinking they will have a small savings account should they ever need it.  The real disappointment is when that rainy day comes and many people find they have paid mostly for a name.  Not to say there is anything wrong with name-brand, it just usually does not have the resale value that you would think or hope for. 


That being said, I wanted to help a dear sweet lady list a few items here before they go fully public.  All items have been appraised and are well under their appraisal and original cost.  Seller is motivated and will consider all serious offers. 

 Due to her love of animals, she will also be giving 5% of total sales to her favorite charity





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