"Captive Pearl" Contest/Giveaway..Now in progress!

Posted by Lisa Davis on

A drawing will be held on September 22nd, someone will win the "Captive Pearl" set - a sterling silver 8" bracelet and matching earrings with Swarovski crystal pearls.

How much is this chance of winning going to cost?  All we ask is you subscribe to our newsletter to receive periodical updates and special promotions, like this one.

Is it a sick ploy to increase our membership, well of course it is - an email sign-up for a chance to win a sterling silver set - its a win-win for both, however...

The scales are tipped a little in your favor.  We are pleased to donate the cost of materials and labor and hope the winner enjoys wearing it, however, we would like for something or someone to also benefit.

If you would like to increase your chances of winning, donate to one of our favorite charities


For every two dollars donated, show receipt and receive 1 extra chance.

We love our animals, but we love people too.  If you are more inclined to help the victims from Hurricane Harvey, we will also honor those receipts.

Thank you for your support and good luck on the 22nd!



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